Are you struggling with poor health, adrift in a complex and impersonal medical system?

This clinic was founded with you in mind.

Hi. I'm Dr. Katie Brown. I have a special interest in treating patients who, like myself, struggled to find the care they needed in the mainstream medical system.

I want to care for those who don't fit into the neat little box, who get shuffled from specialist to specialist and prescribed pill after pill, wondering if their doctor understands why they are having symptoms in the first place.

I want to be a partner and friend along your journey to better health. I want to be your doctor.

A Direct Primary Care Clinic

Providing whole-person, outside-the-box care to Terre Haute, Indiana

Do you suffer with severe fatigue?

Dr. Brown specializes in the care of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. If you are looking for specialized care in that area, please see her new CFS Doc website.

Creative Compassionate Wholistic

Discover healthcare that is




To heal, we must have as intimate a connection to our own bodies as the snake has to the earth.


A Clinic that Works for You

In order to provide the best medical care I can for each of my patients, I have chosen to opt out of assembly line medicine. Instead, I charge a monthly fee that covers all of the costs of your care. This model is called Direct Primary Care (DPC).

Direct Primary Care

The Benefits

  • Appointments are available when you need them

  • Direct access to the physician by text and email

  • Longer appointment times

  • Weekend and evening appointment availability

  • House calls at no extra cost

  • In-house lab draws at no extra cost

Wondering if my clinic is right for you?

The Office

Located Inside Valley Rehab and Performance

1219 Ohio St

Terre Haute, IN 47807

By appointment only



Do you accept my insurance?

I do not bill insurance. The monthly fee covers all the cost of care. There is no additional fee for visits or between-visit communication. The monthly fee is paid by you and not an insurance company.

Can I still use my insurance for medications and labs?

Yes. Even though I do not bill your insurance directly, you do have the option of billing your insurance for the labs and medications I order. However, I also have access to affordable cash prices for labs, imaging and medications that may be less expensive than your insurance co-pay, so it is worth getting a quote from your insurance to decide if it is worth billing them or not.

Can you do procedures and point of care tests?

Yes, procedures and point of care testing are available. Procedures and tests offered will grow as demand increases and as funds for supplies become available. There may be an additional up-front fee to cover cost of supplies. You can see the most current list of procedures and tests offered HERE.

Can you refer me to specialists?

Yes. Like other family physicians, I am able to refer you out when you need specialized care. However, because of the time I have to spend with you, I will likely not need to refer you as often as the average Family Physician.

Do you offer vaccinations?

No. Because vaccines are expensive, expire quickly and require strict storage protocols, I am not able to stock vaccines in the clinic at this time. I do provide guidance on which vaccines you are due for and where you can get them.

I am already paying for insurance. A monthly membership feels like paying double for healthcare. Is DPC only for people without insurance?

DPC was never intended to replace insurance. It is still important to carry insurance for emergency room, urgent care and specialist appointments. However, the DPC monthly membership is not just extra money spent on something already covered by your insurance. With a DPC membership, you get access and relationship, rare commodities in a profit-driven clinic where as many patients are seen in as short a time as possible and a single doctor is caring for thousands of patients.

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